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Our sterilisation techniques are second to none: all of our instruments are physically cleaned in the treatment room, then placed in cassettes which run through a 20-30 minute washing and disinfection cycle in a unique Canadian-made dental washer/ disinfector: the “Hydrim”. This renders everything safe to handle prior to sterilising. Our hand pieces are then all disinfected again and oiled in the “Quattro” prior to everything being sterilised. We use the “Statim 5000”, an autoclave that works by pulsed steam displacement and takes 9-15 minutes for a complete cycle. After this all our instrument cassettes are stored in closed cupboards prior to re- use. We have two washer/ disinfectors and autoclaves to guarantee an unbroken service; each machine is checked daily and also gives a print out to monitor performance.

All of this is of great benefit to you our patients as it gives you absolute assurance that all our reusable instruments have been through the most rigorous sterilisation process possible. In addition we use as many single-use items that we can to avoid the need for sterilising them.

Hydrim 1, 2


All our instruments are made by HuFriedy; they are made of special surgical steel with a lifetime guarantee. To care for them we use the Instrument Management System (IMS) which consists of  many different cassettes enclosing sets of individual instruments. This allows the whole disinfection & sterilisation cycle to be automated.

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