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Willie Jack Dentistry Fee Guide 2017

Care & Treatment From (£)
New Patient Consultation
Includes a full examination of your teeth, gums, bite, visual oral cancer screen, necessary intra-oral digital x-rays, digital photographs and impressions for study models (but excluding Panoral x-rays & CBCT Scans)
95.00 - 120.00
Cone Beam CT Scan from 120.00
Study Models 65.00
Regular examination (including intra oral digital x-rays) 75.00
Tooth coloured restoration (small) 130.00
Tooth coloured restoration (medium) 190.00
Tooth coloured restoration (large) 285.00
Simple Extraction 95.00 - 195.00
Surgical Extraction eg. Wisdom tooth 425.00
Crown, Veneer, Inlay – all ceramic, bonded or all gold 810.00
Bridge – three teeth – all ceramic or bonded 2,430.00
Upper or Lower Provisional Dentures 195.00 - 495.00
Partial Acrylic Upper or Lower Denture 495.00 - 1,150.00
Full Upper or Lower acrylic dentures 1,150.00
Chrome Cobalt Upper or Lower Denture – full or partial 1,075.00
Mouthguard/ bite appliance: Tanner/ Michigan 215.00
Tooth Whitening – Home both arches 395.00
Dental Implants - Fixed  
1 Straumann Implant complete with abutment & crown 2,500.00 – 2,900.00
2 Straumann Implants supporting a three-tooth ceramic or bonded bridge 5,800.00 - 6,850.00
4 Straumann Implants supporting a ten-twelve tooth full arch fixed bridge 12,750.00 to 15,950.00
Dental Implants - Removable  
2 Straumann Implants plus Locator abutments retaining new lower acrylic denture 3,960.00
4 Straumann Implants plus Locator abutments retaining new upper or lower chrome dentures 7,290.00
4 Mini-Implants retaining new lower acrylic denture 2,550.00
Dental Implants - Regeneration  
Guided Bone Regeneration with Geistlich's BioOss/ BioGide 340.00
Sinus Augmentation with Geistlich's BioOss/ BioGide 625.00 - 1,365.00

Please note that this is a guide and you will always be provided with an itemised and personalised estimate of your treatment costs after consultation with Dr Willie Jack. This fee guide aims to give you an idea of the costs involved. For implant treatment the costs shown include all surgical and restorative costs, implant components, grafting materials, laboratory costs and all necessary appointments from the start to the end of your treatment. Everything is included in the cost of your treatment and there are no extra costs involved. If however the nature & extent of your treatment unexpectedly changes then we will discuss the options & costs involved.

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