4th November 2016
Dear Willie
Firstly I would like to thank you for doing my implants and for the care and sensitivity you showed me throughout the whole procedure. It made the experience much better all round. Having the implants done in a familiar setting with support from the dental team in the practice was a huge bonus. I am delighted with the result! Thank you again.
All Best Wishes
Yours sincerely

15 July 2016
Dear Willie
This is just to thank you all for my wonderful new tooth. It has made & will make a huge difference to my life. I am so grateful to the care and attention to the smaller detail as well as the surgical skill, and the amazing technology. I can really get on with the next stage of my life

20 February 2016
Dear Willie
I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you once again for the wonderful dental work you have done. I am delighted but I also wanted to thank you & Caroline for looking after me so well during the past months. The fact that the atmosphere is so relaxed during the treatments along with your helpful explanations throughout make for a trouble and anxiety free experience. Thank you so much once again.
Kind regards

January 2015
It gives me much pleasure to express my appreciation to all the team for the superb treatment I recently received. When Gilly first suggested the idea of implants, I must admit to some trepidation, since I required quite a mouthful. However, after meeting Dr. Willie Jack I felt much more relaxed. He explained each stage in detail and thanks to his skill and management the treatment was excellent. I could not be more delighted with the end result, my teeth look exactly like my own teeth once were and I have received more than a few compliments on my “beautiful teeth”. This is a great advert for the surgery since people ask where did I have it done and who did it. I, of course, am delighted to tell them. Thanks again

31st July 2014
Dear Willie
As you know I am delighted with my 8 new and very comfortable implants and had great pleasure in saying goodbye to my denture yesterday !. I am happy for you to use my comments on your testimonial website should you wish . Why has it been so successful for me:-
Your detailed treatment plan and explanations at each and every stage gave me confidence that all would go according to plan. The local anaesthetics made the implant placements very free of pain and I was impressed with how little pain and hassle there was with the healing process, each and every time.
Although I knew a little what to expect having had one previous implant 10 years ago , I was impressed with the skill and precision of you and your team at every stage , over a period of eight months
All your team were supportive and kind throughout .
Again many thanks. Just a footnote to say that the new bite is excellent, better probably than I have known for 30years!!
Kind Regards
Mrs JH

9th March 2014
If you’re looking for the best, look no further.
Mr A

May 2013
12 years ago I was having gum problems mainly caused by partial dentures. I was recommended to see Willie Jack who worked out a treatment plan and through the course of a year and 9 implants all my problems were solved. 6 years ago I persuaded my sister to go down the same route and she was equally successful. We are both really pleased we went ahead and would thoroughly recommend Willie and his team. Their expertise and care is 100%.

April 2012
I am extremely pleased that Dr Willie Jack and his excellent team encouraged me to have implants some 13 years ago. The care taken in ‘preparation’, especially during the operation and aftercare was exceptional. This has provided me with confidence in public speaking and at the dinner table.

March 2012
I have been so impressed with the treatment I have received. The level of care was first rate, the environment is clean, comfortable and very welcoming. The staff were so kind and friendly and put me at ease. I had full confidence and trust in the proceedings proposed. I was very well looked after and I am thrilled with the results of my treatment. A big thank you to all the team.

February 2012
Having dealt with your dentistry the past 2 years I am very pleased with format and procedures I have had with you all. The staff are extremely competent and capable, the atmosphere is very friendly.

January 2012
At last a dentist who understood and addressed the concerns I had with my teeth. I now have healthy gums and a smile to be proud of. My husband, with the help of implants, has been able to do away with annoying dentures. A great team.
Mr & Mrs C

December 2011
My treatment consisted of bone grafting to both left and right upper jaw and several implants to both upper and lower jaws. The treatment took place over a 12 month period and was in two main phases. This was to avoid having both sides of my mouth under treatment at the same time. I found that this worked very well. Following a thorough initial examination the condition of my teeth etc. several treatment options were clearly explained with all of my questions answered in clear terms. As such I found it easy to make a decision. At no time was there any pressure or suggestion (unless specifically requested by me) on the treatment option to select.

The first treatment session, included both bone grafting and implants, was quite long but I was offered the opportunity after the grafting to do the implants at a later date. Apart from the initial injection, which I always find unpleasant, there was no pain or discomfort. Most of the time Willie provided a commentary on what he was doing. Immediately after the treatment my jaw ached a little through having to keep my mouth open for 3 hours. I received a call from the surgery to check that I was ok. Subsequently, I experienced some tenderness where the grafting had been done but this gradually wore off after five days or so. I then had to wait for several weeks for the grafting and implants to integrate with my jaw after which the bridges were fitted.

The second session of treatment again included both bone grafting and implants but was much less extensive that the first session. I have the same observations as for the first session above, with the exception that my jaw did not ache afterwards because the session was quite short. After all 3 bridges had been fitted Willie explained that they had been fitted with a temporary bond so they could, if necessary, be easily removed. He did warn that using this bond material they could sometimes come loose. This did in fact happen to two of my bridges but on both occasions I phoned the surgery and was fitted in almost immediately to have the bridges re-bonded in place.

The above is a summary of my treatment. There were examinations, tests that the implants were secure, impressions before the bridges were fitted and a final check up some weeks later. If, like me, you find the thought of bone grafting and implants daunting trust Willie you are in good hands. I cannot praise Willie and his team highly enough for their professionalism and the care and attention that I received throughout my treatment and in fact subsequently.